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White Media Agency specializes in media coaching and training for authors and coaches in the health, wellness, and spiritual marketplace, with different packages available to meet your needs.

To learn more about each program, you can request a complimentary Discovery Session with a member of our team.

Create & Perform Your Viral TED-Style Talk

  • Craft a custom talk to get you invited on the most visible stage in the world.
  • Perform on stage before a LIVE audience while being recorded with three broadcast cameras who capture you and your audience.
  • Work step-by-step with two of the best storytellers in the world in the area of personal development. Kristen White is an award winning Journalist, Media Coach and host of Mandala. Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the founder of the Global School of Story, Director and Creator of multiple solo-performances.
  • Create your sexy and powerful on stage image with our NYC Celebrity Stylist.
  • Get recommended to Ted and Tedx venues around the world.
  • Work closely together to develop one of a kind unique messaging and concepts for your personal brand to use on your websites, with your list building giveaways and in your email funnels.
  • Learn Public Relations tips to get you on mainstream TV and radio as a featured guest, as well as media strategies to create your own regular show, like a web based TV program, online podcast or Facebook Live.
  • You’ll have a clear step-by-step unique plan of action to build and grow your business online with specific details that can be implemented right away to get you jump started.
  • Learn how to create a RIPPLE EFFECT visibility strategy that creates waves of transformation from the IMPACT of your book, product or service.
  • Design your magical LIVE event or workshop with a vibrant title, awesome venue and a realistic date and the special language needed to get people excited to come and work with you.

Learn the Online Business Secrets of the world’s most Celebrated Transformational Authors

Create a Clear Plan for You to Take Your Business to 7 Figures

  • Learn the insider secrets used by all multiple 6 figure and even 7 figure authors and coaches who have a thriving online business.
  • Build your online membership site with a shopping cart where you can host a tribe of people around the world who want to join you on a regular basis to hear about your wisdom and teaching
  • Feel renewed passion and clarity about your new business plan that matches your lifestyle goals and helps you achieve financial freedom
  • Develop at least two clear offers with specific pricing, payments option and incentives and also an online map to offer them to your community.
  • Explore potential language, slogans, taglines, brand colors, concepts and unique ideas that position you in an authentic, dynamic one-of-a-kind way online so you can Find the Money in your Message.

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Worldwide affiliates & customersy


Worldwide affiliates & customersy


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