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In-Studio Video Production

With White Media Agency

Let’s Start a Ripple, hosted by Kristen White is a news style talk show, which features experts in Personal Development, Wellness and Spirituality. The show debuted in January 2013, and has featured stories on raw foods, wellness business development, psychic abilities, angels, meditation, strategies for chronic pain, coping with cancer, integrative health and natural medicine.


More than 75 guests from all over the world have been featured during the first year. Currently, the show is broadcast on The Wisdom Channel on Google TV, HULU, and on mainstream media. Let’s Start a Ripple, is produced in the ABC TV studio in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s also produced on location in Sedona, California, and New York.

Media Coaching
with guest Grant Todd

On-Camera Interview Training
with guest Doug Brown

On-Location Video Production

With White Media Agency

In her television show, Mandala, Kristen speaks with the world’s teachers about the patterns in our lives and how they have the power to heal us or destroy us.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning the circle. It is a spiritual tool used for meditation in Tibetan and other cultures, where a repetitive pattern of design is created around a central theme. Mandala teaches us that there are patterns in the universe; in nature, in the stars, in water, in our thoughts and in our activities. Awareness of our patterns is the first step to unlock our Divine potential. The Mandala program, and its featured guests, invite us to explore our personal central theme and to recognize that we have an opportunity to make a shift to a new central theme which may be more in alignment with our life purpose. Once the new theme is selected we can design new patterns to support our intention.


Mandala is an invitation to share a collective voice on subjects that have been marginalized in mainstream media. The authentic nature of the program combined with the insight of the host, allows for an authentic and in-depth discussion about what is the true journey of the soul in its search for truth.

Video Production for Mandala TV
with guest Gary Quinn

Video Production for Mandala TV
with guest Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


In her documentary film, Shamanic Trekker, Kristen looks to reveal and explore the SOURCE of several global Indigenous healing practices through their shamans and to oer a modern insight into to power of this ancient energy medicine and the importance to being in harmony with the environment and the many cultures who share the planet.

While Filming on Location in Peru, Kristen and crew:

  • Received the rights directly from the tribe of Q’ero shamans.
  • Traveled to the secret sacred ritual locations known to the tribe for centuries.
  • Received initiation rights in the shadow of the traditional mountain after riding to the destination on horseback.
  • Explored the way indigenous Shamans interact with the “spiritual tourism” industry.
  • Heard the songs of the Shaman women as they prepare for ceremony.
  • Captured the colorful traditional weaving industry of the tribe.
  • Journeyed to Machu Picchu.


Executive Producer for Shamanic Trekker

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