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Kristen White


Award-winning author, business coach, media consultant, television producer, filmmaker and spiritual teacher


Personal Message from Kristen…

Dear Enlightened Entrepreneur,


What do you have to say?

Who do you want to be?

What are you destined to achieve?


Find your Voice and make an impact! It’s up to you and only you. Permission is granted for you to step into the spotlight and be the voice of positive change in the world.


Communication technology is exploding and new media channels are coming to the scene to meet the growing demand of a world hungry for information. This quantum shift has created an amazing opportunity for people like you who have a passionate message to share.


We need your inspiration, wisdom, and motivation now more than ever before.


Together, let’s start a ripple effect,

You can learn more about Kristen White and
her projects, education, and training on her personal website, KristenWhite.net