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Discovery Session

Let’s work together!


This is an exciting and challenging time for any entrepreneurial author and business owner! The feeling that you are ready to get your work out to the world and to share your inspiring transformational message with as many people as possible, yet you may not know where to start.


This is the part that can be overwhelming and until this key question is answered – you’ll face setbacks, high costs with little results and frustrating delays.


The process of building an online business unfolds in a series of four (4) key steps. First, the strategic planning, its important to create a big vision and goal to work toward. Ask yourself the question, “Where do I want to be in 18 months? In three years?”


Next, creating the image and the brand of this vision. What does my business look like online? How does my business image make people feel and does it match my personality and goals?


The third step is then to build the actual online business. This is the technical part with the email sequences, the offers, live event registration, digital courses and of course, the videos. Basically, it’s all aspects of the business you want to create being developed online. This part is like building a house. There are many decisions to make and many details to consider.


Once it’s all completed, the final and fourth step is to attract customers and let people know about your business. This can be through speaking events, social media, participating in webinars and telesummits. There are many ways to promote your business and you have to try a few avenues until you decided which path works best for you.


The good news is that I’m here to help you every step of the way!


My mission is to help you grow your brand and visibility as a transformational media expert. Together, our team of  expert coaches, content managers, video editors and web developers can help you transform and clarify your message, design your online business, plan your platforms, build your digital products and e-courses, brand your business and you’re your social media and project manage the many detailed steps needed to bring it all together.


Looking forward to getting started!!


There are three easy steps to get started on this powerful journey that will transform your business and help you get started on the path to the “Laptop Lifestyle”  so many successful authors enjoy and all the freedom and perks that go along with it.


Step One:


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Step Two


Then you’ll be guided to a calendar to schedule a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call with Kristen White and her team.


Step Three


Look for the link sent to the email you have provided with instructions on how to join the private conference call at the date and time reserved exclusively for you.


If you have any questions, you can also schedule in person by emailing support@whitemediaagency.com.