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  • With multimedia taking front and center in people’s everyday lives, it’s almost impossible for businesses not to pay close attention to the trends and implement it for their o

  • Can public speaking engagements be a good opportunity or more trouble than it’s worth? Being invited to speak to a room full of eager listeners is a great opportunity to get y

  • Once you get your big chance to do a television interview, you should know a few tips on being in the studio and how to interact with the camera. Whether you are in a studio o

  • SWOT might sound like something you do to a gnat, but at White Media Agency it’s a local business marketing analysis that enables us to understand your external and internal i

  • When thinking about your services, product, or book, do you think of marketing as a cost of doing business or is it something you can have your neighbor’s teenager tackle when

  • At White Media Agency, we know that creating an effective public relations strategy for your small business’s services or product takes time and thought. There is an expansive

  • At White Media Agency we know that finding out about your market and the competitors you face is key to developing a successful business or product launch.  It’s not about cop

  • WMA often employs the old adage, “two heads are better than one”, as they apply to how you leverage partnerships and alliances for publicity.  Many advantages can be gained wi

  • At WMA we typically find that those who have a do-it-yourself attitude when it comes to public relations often find themselves in a pickle.   It’s one thing to watch the eveni

  • Every business wants to find that magic bullet that helps them reach a wide audience and have a great impact.  Essentially, you want more bang for your buck. When thinking of

  • Images have the ability to stir memories, create an experience and provide a glimpse into the heart of business.  Sounds lofty but true.  A picture is worth a thousand words s

  • You’ve heard the horror stories of companies that put their foot in their mouth when responding to customers or anyone else who posted on one of their social media sites. It’s

  • There was a time when pinning referred to sewing or writing. Now, pinning is an act of creative empowerment on the social media site, Pinterest.  Here’s a crash course i

  • Podcasts are becoming a widely used and a very popular format for businesses to interact with a target audience.   There are many reasons why podcasts are on the rise and the

  • The overall audio of a podcast is so important. Just as important as the business you may be promoting in the podcast.  Think of it as a brand extension and think of how to ge

  • Videos can be a powerful and entertaining way to engage your audience and draw much-needed eyeballs to your website.  Making the most of this visual media shows your audience

  • Running a business can be rewarding but filled with long hours and endless decisions. It can leave one wondering if they are truly maximizing their abilities and continuously

  • Producing informational or promotional videos is commonplace now and not just the domain of professional cameramen or national brands. If you are a regular viewer of YouTube,

  • Utilizing social media platforms like YouTube can bring you much needed visibility and increased opportunities to build your business. Being smart about how to use YouTube wil

  • Visual social media platforms are all the rage and none more so than Pinterest. It may seem overwhelming to get started but begin with these first small steps to setting up an

  • If you have a Pinterest page, you are past the biggest hurdle of setting it up! Congratulations! Now what? There are many opportunities to capitalize on this social media plat

  • Not on Instagram yet?  Think it’s too hard to get started? Well, it’s easier than you think to set up an account and start populating it with great visual images that speak vo

  • Just because you set up an Instagram account doesn’t mean followers will fall into your lap. That takes some work and creativity.  With a little time and effort, you can grow

  • There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Hashtags fall into this category.  Social media platforms are searchable by hashtags and keywords so it’s easy to think tha

  • Facebook added the feature of live streaming to its platform and you may have noticed friends and family and tons of businesses using it.  You might wonder if this tool is rig

  • Social media is a landmine of mistakes waiting to happen. You can minimize those mishaps by taking extra care in how you navigate your social media presence.  Start by taking

  • Social media is visual and reaches an audience with nice, crisp images.  Some images are better than others so taking the time to post the right ones is essential to creating

  • White Media Agency knows that images have the ability to stir memories, create an experience, and provide a glimpse into the heart of a business.  Sounds lofty but true.  A pi

  • If you are wondering if public speaking is a good idea to help promote your project or if it is a waste of time, then keep reading! Public speaking can have its advantages and

  • Breaking news is a common occurrence in today’s fast-paced world. Here are a few tips for taking advantage of this situation to showcase your expertise: Watch the news and rea

  • Television is the Holy Grail for those seeking to increase brand awareness.  It is considered the most glamorous of the media options for a reason. But is it the right outlet

  • Self-promotion feels selfish, right? Most of us think of over the top bragging, all eyes on you, a me-me-me mentality as the cornerstones to self-promotion. And you might be r