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White Media Agency | Discovery Session
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Discovery Session

Dear Enlightened Entrepreneur,


Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Discovery Session with my team about getting featured on stage and in the media.


Speaking in the media (on Ted Talks, Local News) is the most powerful and effective way to share your unique message and grow your online business, your brand credibility and attract clients.


Here are the important steps necessary to schedule your Discovery Session, so we can get on the phone right away and talk about you!


There are two steps to schedule this call:


First, fill out the form below.   


Once it’s completed and submitted, you will be taken to my schedule. 


Second, select a time to meet over the phone for a 30 minute call.


After you select a time, please add it to your calendar right away. We all get busy and forget plans made earlier in the day. If you need to reschedule or cancel use the links inside your confirmation email.


Important: We will send you an email to confirm your call which includes the instructions for us to connect. We use a conference line which will call you on the number you have provided. If you are out of the country, you will need to dial in to the conference line using a unique country code provided in your confirmation email.


Once you respond back to the confirmation email with the word “CONFIRM”, then we are ready to talk about how to get you on the stage and in the television studio so you are in the spotlight with your Authentic Voice!