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White Media Agency | 18 Minutes to Fame
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The Most Visible Stage in the World

Millions of Views…


  • Craft a custom talk to get you invited on the most visible stage in the world.
  • Perform on stage before a LIVE audience while being recorded with three broadcast cameras who capture you and your audience.
  • Work step-by-step with two of the best storytellers in the world in the area of personal development. Kristen White is an award winning Journalist, Media Coach and host of Mandala. Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the founder of the Global School of Story, Director and Creator of multiple solo-performances.
  • Create your sexy and powerful on stage image with our NYC Celebrity Stylist.
  • Get recommended to Ted and Tedx venues around the world.

Picture Yourself On Stage!

Dr. Julia Bowlin

Dr. Jean LaCour

Denise Hansard

Dr. Steven Trobiani

What Past Clients Say About Working with Kristen White:

Meet Your  Coaches:

Kristen White brings more than a decade of experience as a television journalist and anchor to her Transformational Media TV Programs: Let’s Start a Ripple and Mandala.


Kristen is an award-winning video producer, journalism college professor, and media and marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches, and businesses become more powerful messengers with content creation and on-camera coaching.


Her company, White Media Agency, LLC, is the premier media coaching and video production company for the wellness and personal development marketplace.

Kristen White

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the founder and CEO of The Global School of Story, an online training program for professional story and creativity coaches. She is considered one of the world’s foremost solo performance experts as well as a memoir coach and professional story trainer.


Tanya’s work was featured in Oprah Magazine, (“Tanya’s work is a gift and a necessity”) on NPR, in Spirituality and Health and on the CBS Early Show. Her book, The Cancer Monologue Project, was endorsed early in her career by the likes of high profile spiritual leaders, writers and performers including Marianne Williamson, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Rachel Naomi Remen and her mentor, the late Spalding Gray. She has taught solo performance at intimate retreats with creativity/writing gurus, Anne Lamott, Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg and works with clients from all over the world online and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A Note from Kristen

When I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in journalism as a television news anchor and reporter, I followed a traditional path. This started with a college degree in communications, months of non-paid internships, then entry level behind the scenes producer jobs for a few years until I got a “break” as a weekend morning reporter where I covered house fires in Florida in the middle of the summer heat.


As an expert, you don’t have the time to follow this path!


Candidly, many of these doors would not even be open to you in the competitive world of journalism today. Because you have not followed the traditional path outlined above. Yet everyone who wants to build a massive following needs to master the skills of being in the media and on camera. Your following wants to connect with you through watching your videos and resonating with your message.


I’m offering you a giant LEAP from beginner to expert in a very short period of time. This is only for people like you who have a clear direction, a solid message and who want to add MEDIA to supercharge your MESSAGE.


Once the world can watch you, listen to you and learn from you through their mobile devices, then you will have the VISIBILITY necessary to grow your business and personal brand quickly and exponentially.



A Note from Tanya

I trained as a traditional stage actor at some of the best acting programs in the country, but it wasn’t long before I discovered the power of telling personal stories onstage. Back then, solo performance was a fringe type of theatre, but over the years, along with a rise in memoir, a person on stage sharing their true story – insights, challenges, and breakthroughs, has become an unstoppable force.


Nowhere is this truth more exciting for entrepreneurs than the TED-style talk. Speaking in this way is an incredible tool for both personal storytelling, communicating a clear message and connecting with people all over the world that will buy your products and services, share your story and grow your business.


In order to have a talk that really sings, you must be embodied, fully alive. A talking head isn’t going to cut it anymore. My two decades of helping actors, writers, entrepreneurs and “ordinary” people share their personal stories onstage means that I can take anyone from a talking head to a dynamic presenter – even if you’ve never been on stage before in your life!


You don’t need to spend years going to theatre school to learn how to be a great communicator – you just need the right coaching to help you go from good to unforgettable. My vision is to help move your personality, your experience, your message onto a bigger stage so you can live your highest purpose and change the world. Why not? As a Hopi elder wrote in poetry, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

When You Join the 18 Minutes to Fame Program, You Will Receive:

90 minutes Original Story Meeting with Tanya and Kristen

Full Day of Script Planning and Strategy

  • 2-90 minute sessions with Kristen (Virtual or in person)
  • 2-90 minute sessions with Tanya (Virtual or in person)

Private Sessions

  • 3 – 60 minute Script Review and Performance sessions with Tanya
  • 3 – 60 minute Script Review and Performance sessions with Kristen
  • 18 Minutes before a LIVE audience performing your 18 Minutes to Fame talk.
  • An Online Personal Media Webpage featuring the Video of Your talk, the Video of your Interview, your Professional Photo, Bio, and anything else you want to share with Media Outlets and Speakers Bureaus

Monthly Group Sessions on these topics (2 LIVE 90 minute calls a month/recorded)

  • Marketing your new 18 Minutes to Fame Talk with Facebook Ads
  • Building your Email List with the Video of your Talk
  • Finding Stages to Speak On
  • Media Publicity: Getting Booked on Local News as the Expert
  • Strategies to get Selected for a Ted or Tedx Stage
  • And much more…

Choice of Production Dates: September or December 2017

  • Special BONUS ($6,500 Value) for First 5 People

  • In-studio television interview with Kristen White to cover your topic in depth filmed in the ABC studio located in St Louis, Missouri.